Fire Extinguisher


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A major fire is one of the worst possible industrial disasters. Even small fires can produce dangerous levels of heat and choking smoke. Although severe industrial fires are uncommon, the potential for one always exists. Any fire can get out of control if proper action is not taken in time to prevent it.

As an industrial worker, you should understand the causes of fires and fire prevention techniques. You also are responsible for knowing how to extinguish small fires, and how to react if you encounter a large fire. This knowledge will help you take appropriate action if you are first on the scene of an industrial fire.


Your Fire Extinguisher Safety ticket is valid for 3 years.


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Course Objectives

  • National Fire Code Regulations
  • Causes of industrial fires
  • Harmful by-products of industrial fires
  • Classes of fires and how to extinguish them
  • Industrial emergency warning systems and fire prevention techniques
  • Basic principles of fire suppression
  • Hot-work management programs, permits and safe-work practices


The duration of the Fire Extinguisher course is 4 hours and you are required to demonstrate how to successfully extinguish a fire simulation.