Health & Safety

At Haztech, we believe that health & safety of our team, our clients, the public and the environment is our highest responsibility and commitment.

We invest in our people

Haztech invests in the continuous development of our employees, building a team of multi-disciplined, high performance professionals.

Governance & Compliance

Many of the services we provide are governed by provincial, national and international associations, in which we deliver best practices based from these organizations. Haztech maintains appropriate licensing with all regulatory bodies ensuring compliance within all levels of operations.

Haztech subscribes and maintains (A) grade scoring with nationally recognized pre-qualification registries such as ISNetworld and ComplyWorks. We also hold COR certification – one of the most recognized safety standards in Canada.

Canadian Medical Association - Haztech
Energy Safety Canada-Haztech
ComplyWorks Certified - Haztech
COR Workplace Safety - Haztech
NFA Member_Haztech
ISNetworld Member Contractor - Haztech

Haztech Health & Safety Services