Haztech welcomes Injury Management Specialist, Shelagh Robinson to provide an integrated set of services to clients in Canada and the US.

Shelagh Robinson joins the Haztech Team as their lead Injury Management Specialist, working with clients across the business in Canada and the USA.

Shelagh started her EMS career with Humboldt Ambulance, followed by a 20-year career as an Advanced Care Paramedic with MD Ambulance Care Ltd. in Saskatoon.  After sustaining a workplace injury, she participated in multiple therapy programs and return-to-work accommodations and was eventually assigned to her first industrial contract on the Lanigan Potash Mine.

While working on this site, Shelagh began to understand how and why her own workplace injury occurred. She developed a passion to learn more about injury incidents, prevention, and the process of managing onsite return-to-work programs. Shelagh went on to develop her own injury management system and processes for organizations to implement with the goal of keeping workers at work and engaged in their own recovery, while always adhering to functional limitations.

Shelagh has worked with clients from Baffin Island to Vancouver Island in multiple industries including; oil and gas, potash mining, Hydro Electrical Mega Project, steel fabrication and erection, civic government, transit operations, and many more. Successfully returning over $1,000,000 to employer’s WCB accounts through Disability & Injury Management best practices, WCB appeals, and cost recovery over the past few years.

Certified as a Psychological Health & Safety Advisor through the Canadian Mental Health Association, Shelagh has the ability to implement and monitor mental health programs and complex psychological RTW (return-to-work) programs for clients.

She has worked with several unions across Canada as it relates to collective agreements, human rights, disability management, and RTW initiatives.

With a passion for helping injured workers and supporting employers, her experience and knowledge significantly increase the success in returning employees as early, and as safely as possible to their pre-injury employment. As a specialist, she strives to capitalize on advances in technology, social networks, and remote workforce alternatives to set new standards of excellence in the field.

Her medical background, NCSO Safety experience, extensive work as an injury management specialist, and strong understanding of the role of safety & prevention allow Shelagh to bring a specific and valuable skill set to the Haztech team.