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Medical Lab Technician – Regina

This role would be performed at the Haztech Health Centre. The duties will include but not be limited to collect, receive, label, and analyze samples. You will be required to handle sensitive equipment to analyze samples or substances and conduct tests reporting findings. The duties also include design and execute laboratory testing according to standard procedures, make observations, and interpret findings. You shall be organized and store all chemicals substances, fluids, and samples according to safety instructions, record all data and results in specified forms with accuracy and responsibility.

All safety guidelines must be followed strictly at all times and maintain a clean and orderly environment. The goal with this role is to optimize lab procedures and succeed in producing reliable and important results that can be used to keep the community safe.

The chosen individual will perform this diverse range of activities with a focus on safety, professionalism, and teamwork.

Qualifications, Skills & Competencies

  • Medical Laboratory Assistant – Applied certificate
  • Proven experience as Lab Technician or relevant position
  • Experience in operating electrical and non-electrical laboratory equipment and potentially dangerous substances (infectious bacteria, biohazards etc.)
  • Knowledge of QHSE Systems, preventative measures and laboratory best practices
  • Ability to work autonomously and under pressure
  • Valid drivers license and criminal record clearance
  • Professionally represent Haztech and provide exceptional service to all clients