Keeping Worksites Safe and Operational with Mobile Covid-19 Testing Services

Haztech is a leading North American provider of professional, innovative and tailored healthcare and technical safety services. Proudly serving Saskatchewan for 15 years with corporate headquarters in Regina. 

As part of Haztech’s continued efforts to provide the New Standard in health and safety services, a new Health Centre and Safety Training Centre is now open in Saskatoon. Along with Haztech’s continued onsite services, this new location is positioned to serve central and northern Saskatchewan with occupational health screening, including Covid-19 testing, and public and private safety training services.                

Haztech owns and operates provincially licensed medical laboratories in Saskatoon and Regina. Rapid Antigen and RT-PCR tests are processed in-house by a licensed medical team. Rapid results in 3 hours and PCR results in 48 hours and an option for 24-hour rush results.

Covid-19 testing services are available at all Haztech Health Centres, and onsite with our fully equipped Mobile Testing Units operated by a team of licensed medical technicians. Weekly or periodic testing for employees and contractors helps keep sites and facilities safe and operational. Haztech strives to service all communities and worksites, even in the most remote locations. 

Covid-19 testing is offered in Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton, and Moose Jaw, with regular testing services scheduled in Rocanville and Humboldt.

Visit to learn more and book appointments online. For corporate and mobile Covid-19 testing services, contact Haztech Operations at or (306) 352-9114.