Haztech Launches Virtual Covid-19 Testing for Travel

Virtual Covid-19 Testing for Travel

As part of Haztech’s continued efforts to provide the New Standard in health and safety services, Virtual Covid-19 Testing for travel will be available for anyone, anywhere via secure video call.

As testing requirements and travel restrictions evolve, virtual testing is an efficient, reliable and secure way to perform a rapid antigen test from anywhere, and receive certified results required for travel.

Book online at haztech.com for up to 4 people per appointment. Kids under 12 test for free. Book from anywhere, in any timezone. 

How virtual testing works:
Using an approved rapid antigen test kit, a licensed medical professional will observe and validate the test results on a secure video call. A certified results document will be emailed at the end of the appointment. 

A full range of occupational health, including Covid-19 testing services are available at Haztech Health Centres in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and opening soon in Kelowna.

Onsite testing services with our fully equipped Mobile Testing Units operated by a team of licensed medical technicians. Reliable and efficient testing helps keep worksites safe and operational. Haztech strives to service all communities and worksites, even in the most remote locations. 

For more information on our virtual testing services, contact our  virtualtesting@haztech.com or visit haztech.com