H2S Safety

Haztech has highly trained and experienced safety specialists that know, respect and mitigate the hazards associated within an H2S environment.

Safety Specialists

Haztech’s H2S safety specialists are trained to provide safety services to a range of sour gas operations from small, medium hazard to large critical projects.

Our experienced field supervisors provide quality assurance and ongoing training and support for our clients’ field staff.

H2S Safety - Haztech

Drilling and Completions

  • H2S Safety Supervisors
  • Response Teams
  • Rover Personnel
  • Roadblock Personnel
  • Project Safety Coordinators
  • Safety/Fire Watch
  • Equipment Technicians
  • Rescue Personnel

H2S Safety Equipment

  • Gas detection and sampling equipment
  • Skid-mounted, supplied air cascades
  • H2S safety trailers
  • Breathing air units (SCBA and SABA)

H2S Safety